Functional Rehabilitation


Functional Rehabilitation in Portsmouth NH, New Ipswich NH, and Rindge NH addresses the dysfunctioning muscles that are preventing us from maintaining a strong posture or performing a movement properly and pain free. Unlike conventional Physical Therapy, Functional Rehabilitation does not focus on the area of pain and requires the patient to perform isolated movements, but instead places emphasis on the area of dysfunction (or area causing pain) and requires the patient to perform dynamic movements. Functional rehabilitation is a core component of the philosophy at White Mountain Chiropractic & Rehabilitation. Through a functional exam, we can determine which muscles are short and which muscles are weak. We can stretch and lengthen muscles and associated tissues with our soft tissue techniques, but must strengthen the weak muscles in order to maintain proper joint motion and muscle balance.

What Can Functional Rehabilitation Help?

At White Mountain Chiropractic & Rehabilitation, education and empowering patients to keep themselves functional are also core components of our philosophy. Keeping our Rehabilitation aligned with this philosophy, we use a Low Tech approach to our treatment. During our treatments, we use industry leading Functional Rehabilitation products that are easily affordable and accessible to the general public. This allows patients to reproduce the in-office treatment at home, and take control of their functional goals whether it be making it through the work day pain free, hiking Mount Manadonock, or improving their golf game.

Headaches are a common example of what is often a functional issue experienced by those who work primarily at a desk. Due to the ergonomics of an office setting, and lack of education on the importance of posture, we often end up with our chest muscles in a shortened position which brings our head and shoulders forward. This posture puts significant stress on muscles that cause headaches. By lengthening the short chest muscles, and improving the strength and endurance of our neck and shoulder stabilizers through functional rehabilitation, we can significantly reduce and often eliminate the cause of the headache.